7 Year Anniversary!

Lucky #7 we celebrated this past week!
IMG_22197 years of marriage!
It’s gone by so fast, yet other times it seems it hasn’t.

2 years ago our anniversary was spent in a hospital, where my hubby so romantically took me on a wheelchair ride..LOL! Last year we were stranded cold on the side of the road waiting for help, because our moving truck broke down on our way to Idaho! I remember my hubby leaning over to me chuckling, “Happy Anniversary Babe!” Trying to make the best of our situation – it did bring some light to our crazy night…LOL!

Anyway, this year we wanted just a simple REAL anniversary since our last 2 were crazy! Christian got a babysitter and we went out on the town. We went to the new Village and checked out all the shops! Christian spoiled me and got me a new coat and sweater from one of my favorite companies/stores, GoLite! It’s one of the best outdoor stores ever!
7years1.jpgWe sat by the fire and just enjoyed each other company. We talked about everything. Our goals, our struggles, our plans, our needs/wants and we were just silly together as always. It was so nice to be able just to have a conversation without the extra voices (if you know what I mean).
7 years.jpgWe ate at the new Kona Grill, and of course got SUSHI! Yes we know how to make our own, but Christian was really craving it – plus we LOVE IT!
7years2.jpgIMG_2229We had a wonderful anniversary and we plan on finishing it with a Temple trip this week. I love our eternal marriage. It’s ours. We cherish it. We are a team! We love each other more every year and grow together as husband and wife.

We have a tradition of writing about one another each year, but with the last 2 I know we have skipped out, so I think its my turn.

Dear Christian,
You seriously amaze me. Thank you so much for loving me the way you do. You never seem to get mad when cold granola is continuously for dinner, endless laundry is never done and we never see the bottom of our sink..LOL! You always help me and rescue me when I need you to. Your always wanting to please me and make me happy, regardless of whether you like to do it or not. I appreciate all that you do to show that you love me. I am grateful for your priesthood and how you exemplify a man of God in all that you do. Our little boys adore you and you are an amazing “Daddy!” I love watching you be a father to our children. You never complain and you are always driven. I love your little goal sheets, affirmations and reminders on your phone to say your prayers, execute your plan of action, and your food intake. All the little details about you I love. Even when your mad, your cute because it never last more then a second. LOL, your just my big Hercules teddy bear. Yes, you leaving the toilet seat up, putting stuff back in the pantry empty and leaving a huge mess for me to clean get me going sometimes however, they are my little reminders of you and most of the time I chuckle! I’m constantly learning from you and your wisdom of health. I think it’s amazing, you literally heal people with your hands! You preform miracles in people lives with Chiropractic, and I could not be more proud to stand by your side supporting you doing what you love. We had our struggles and I am sure there are more to come, but it always “worked out” like you’ve said, and we got through it together- thus our marriage was stronger. I’m one lucky Mama to married to you. TAP, TAP, TAP (our secret code). Love you beyond heaps! FOREVER!

I know, sappiness! Excuse all the mush!

I’ll leave you with this quote:
“Marriage. . . is the most glorious and most exalting principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  No ordinance is of more importance and none more sacred and more necessary to the eternal joy of man.  Faithfulness to the marriage covenant brings the fullest joy here and glorious rewards hereafter.” -Ezra Taft Benson 

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