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Our team is unique because since my husband is Chiropractor, we work specifically with holistic practitioners/chiropractors or alternative medical doctors acquire them new patients through Natural Solution Workshops. We (our team) developed a new patient referral system based off new patient stats and marketing strategies we have developed over the last 2 years based on our experience with our team leader managing 3 chiropractic offices and coaching over 100 doctors.  We coach chiropractors on their marketing to help them get new patients and grow their practice.

I am trained to know how to get you new patients by marketing classes that most of the population is looking for. Connecting with people who are looking for alternatives to drugs, then showing them the chiropractic benefits once they are in your clinic is by far the most best form of marketing there is for healthcare professionals.

I personally want to show you how to capitalize on those looking for holistic medicine. At classes we teach, we have scheduled 90-100% of new patients that have come to the classes and workshops. Usually about 50% of the guests are referrals from your patients. It’s a way to get new patients in the door and help more people. Isn’t that what we want? To save more lives? Implementing this makes this possible.

All of our scripting is health practitioner based depending on what you are (chiropractor, PT, holistic naturopath, medical doctor, ect). Your front desk will greatly benefit from the marketing training we offer when asking for referrals. Our team is one of the top in the company and it’s because we know business, how to connect and help people! I want to help you increase your circle of influence and see results in your practice. We educate and empower! We have been very blessed with a high volume successful practice and implementing wellness based classes with essential oils has been a key asset in that. We get to offer our patients more natural safe solutions to meet their health concerns and challenges, all while growing our practice. My unique expertise coupled with an enthusiastic doctors, like yourself, is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

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