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All of these classes I teach are FREE, except the Make & Take (see details below).


Reinventing Healthcare:


Have you ever wondered if there are alternative natural solutions to take in place of mainstream and over-the-counter drugs? Have you heard of essential oils but do not know what they are or how to use them? In this free one hour class, you will have these questions (and more) answered!

Did you know that the United States spends over $320 Billion annually on pharmaceutical drugs, and we’re not getting and healthier! Despite the risks and side effects of modern medicine, our society has accepted the current state of our health care system because we often do not realize there are healthy alternatives available.

Come learn how to reinvent your health care through  Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. You will be educated and empowered to use essential ours for your health and wellness, and incorporate them into your own home. Essential oils are safer, more effective, less expensive than, and can replace many of your counter parts without the negative side effects.

 What you will learn at the class:

  • Why our current healthcare system is failing
  • What essential oils are
  • Why pure oils matter
  • Overview of the most popular oils and how to use them
  • How to get all these natural solutions into your home at the best value


Green Smoothie:

Book aAre you curious about green smoothies? Are you looking for natural solutions to meet your and your family’s health challenges? Are you excited to learn how to make amazing smoothies that will fill you up, taste delicious, give you lasting energy? We will also teach how to utilize plant-based medicine for your health! Green smoothies are a great way to get fruits and veggies into your daily diet. Essential oils aid the body in healing and assist you with your wellness needs. Plant based foods and plant based medicine go hand in hand. Join me as I share this lifestyle with you.

What you will get at the green smoothie workshop:

  • Recipes
  • A fun, hands on demonstration
  • Nutrition information of all used ingredients
  • Tips, tricks and pointers that will help you make them on your own
  • Delicious samples of my famous GREEN MONSTER smoothies
  • The confidence to go home and make them yourself! All you need is a good blender and fresh produce and fruits.
  • Experiences with essential oils: what they are and how to use them
  • Learn about ways to obtain a Natural Solutions Cabinet
  • A great time with new friends!

Emotional Healing:

Copy of DōTERRAOur mood is said to be affected by our energy. When we get to a place of high emotional energy (no peace, stressed) it can manifest in excessive physical energy being pent up inside us that can create digestive upset and, literally, a pain in the neck. Our sympathetic nervous system is stuck in “fight or flight” mode with our limbs ready to fly, putting our internal body functions on hold. Our breathing gets more shallow, our digestive system stops and we become more and more uptight, tense, worried, edgy and ready to snap! To reverse these symptoms we need to create a parasympathetic response in our nervous system.  We can look for essential oils that calm and ground us, helping to regain our happiness and emotional stability. Come be enlightened and enjoy essential oils ability to amplify the effects on your body, mind and spirit.

This class will focus on the following emotional health topics:

* Irritability * mood swings * hormonal imbalance * depression * grief * *Overwhelmed * broken heart * father mother issues * inner child healing*  * sleep disorders * fear * trauma  * candida overgrowth * limiting beliefs * negativity * forgiveness * creativity * communication *

Weight-loss and Detox:

161528298_insidepicTired all day? Bloated or unhappy belly? Constant sugar cravings? Dull skin? Poor sleep? Extra weight? Foggy head? Yeah, we know the feeling. It’s a sign your body needs support, help in resetting itself back to its original factory specifications. A detox. A cleanse. You need a reset button for your body’s natural genius. Come understand how your gut really works, and how important gut health plays a roll in our overall well-being.

What you will get learning about the cleanse and restore program

  • Natural weight loss and detox information
  • Learn what candida is, why we have it and how to eliminate it
  • Discover how inflammation is our enemy
  • Gain knowledge of toxins and how to avoid them
  • How to cleanse and renew your body  through the program

DIY Make & Take Workshop:

MAKE AND TAKEAre you ready to bypass all your toxic cleaning product and beauty products, but you just don’t know how? Are you interested in learning how mixing your own oils to make roller bottles can help your family? What if I told you how easy it was to make your own, and it would cost you a fraction of what you are paying now? Come learn to mix essential oils and other all-natural ingredients at different stations. You will be empowered create powerful, all natural cleaning, beauty products, roller remedies, ect… that are safe for the whole family. There is a cover charge for this class of $12 per person, so I can purchase all the materials needed to make the items.

What this workshop includes:

  • Knowledge on essential oils benefit you
  • Learn everyday uses DIY essential oil products
  • Education on why it is important to reduce our toxic load
  • Ingredients and instructions of DIY products
  • Take home recipes

When you host a class it comes with benefits. Earn FREE stuff, prizes, giveaways, ect.

If any of these classes interest you, please contact me. I will provide the raffles, prizes, flyers, eventbrite tickets, materials for all classes. All you need to do is get people there! I do travel, but I need to know a couple months in advanced to plan accordingly. If I am traveling outside of the Boise area, I require at least 15 people ticketed to do the event. This ensures that both our efforts and being well spent.

Looking forward to inspiring all of you with Natural Solutions!

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