Dance Fitness


Even for those of you with two left feet, you likely have experienced the joy of dance. Now, a new exercise craze is giving you that sheer release pleasure along with muscle toning. It’s called “Dance Cardio,” one of the hottest workouts on the fitness scene.


In addition to being fun, giving you a great workout to reduce stress and being in a positive environment where happiness spreads like wildfire, there are numerous physical benefits to Cardio Dance.

  1. Boosts heart health. As with any aerobic activity, Dance Cardio helps you obtain excellent cardiovascular conditioning.
  2. Rhythm, Coordination….. Dancing as a form of exercise helps to build coordination and rhythm, as well as improving balance, posture and motor control. With increased coordination comes greater fluidity of movement and grace.
  3. Burn fat. As with any aerobic activity, Dance Cardio will keep your target heart rate in the zone for an extended period of time to help you burn fat.
  4. Tone muscle. Dance Cardio will help you tone and firm your body. If you wish, you can add ankle and wrist weights to give you more resistance and increase muscle toning.
  5. Puts you in the better mood! You can’t help but smile and laugh a little when your dancing.


What to expect?
Grooving to amazing music and releasing endorphins while burning off those calories. What I love about dance fitness is there is no competition! It’s like were are all partying and practicing our dance moves together.

Who can do it?
ANYONE! Dance fitness is suitable for any fitness level, even for those who think they can’t dance as the routines are easily adapted to each person’s needs. Even if you can’t stay on the beat, just move. If you get lost, do whatever your body wishes. Just let it move you. It’s about being sweaty and joyful, not perfect. And you will find a variety of dance inspired workouts to suit your musical taste and dance type, whether it be Latin, hip-hop or modern.

WHY I love Dance Fitness!
Before there were any licenses you could get, I was doing this very thing. I remember making up dances in my room back in the day and thinking what a great sweat I had. Fast-forward and you would find me assistant coaching for different dance/cheer teams, being hired to make up choreography, and teaching at different dance studios. This is in my blood! I never really got to take dance as a child, but it was always in me. I would practice on my own. I’ve been doing this a long time and love it. I have always had a raw natural talent for dancing, even ask my parents..haha! I finally got the chance to start doing it competitively in high school and college and it was up-hill ever since. When I had my first 2 babies, my jig came to a hold. I always felt like there was something missing in my life after I stopped doing it for a while, so I took up group fitness teaching with powder blue formats.

It was then I discovered a dance fitness format call ZUMBA, and I knew this was it! One of the reasons I adore Zumba so much is because of the ability and freedom you have with the license. I can hear a song on the radio or pandora, and totally make up my own routine to it. ZIN does provide you with material, but you can pick and choose the songs you want to learn to put on your playlist according to your individual style.


Every time I step in that stage, I feel free, alive and myself as I serve others through dancing. The energy, the music — all of it goes with my high vibrational life! I get to connect with so many great people through movement; it’s amazing! Yes, I’m bragging a bit, but I just feel spoiled that I actually get to do this for a profession. The very thing that put a smile on my face while shaking it in the mirror as a little girl is my job. Dance fitness has my heart.

Come, dance!

Some people love to run, cardio step, but where my zone of genus is in Dance fitness! As a group fitness instructor, I absolutely love coming together with friends, acquaintances even strangers and just dancing our hearts away. There are no rules, just FUN!

Dance is the hidden language of my soul! I dance to inspire, not to impress. One of the things I believe as an instructor is that when you learn to inspire your students through feeling the music and the movement, rather than trying to impress them with your dance moves : : you truly master the art of teaching. I don’t get caught up in the useless battle of trying to be better then anyone else! I find joy in always seeking ways learn and grow so I can a better dance fitness instructor. There is always something we can learn, and accepting this challenge only opens more doors to be the most inspirational teacher you can be!

After taking and teaching hundreds of classes between them, I realized there was a missing niche in the dance industry. Classes were either super intense and easy to follow or super fun and very choreographed but never both. My dream is to create a hardcore fun dance fitness class and share the result with the world. Yes, I still teach Zumba formats, but this is what I am trying to create now. My classes have gained a huge following and lots of popularity, and with that Fitness was born! I started my YouTube channel, and we soon be adding all my fitness journey stuff, including dance, yoga and pilates. Come play with me!


“There is vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

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