Everley’s Natural Home Birth Story

“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through Birth.” –Marcie Macari



February 12th:

I woke up around 7 am, and when I went to get dressed, suddenly I felt this little gush of fluid come out on the floor. It was just little drips, but it was clear so I knew it must have been my water. I was 39 weeks plus 4. I called my midwife and told her what was going on. She told me that she would be over around 9am to give me protocols and to just see how I was doing because I had ZERO signs of labor starting anytime soon. At first I though it was just a leak, not a full rupture, however then I started soaking more pads.

I called my husband to let him know what was going on. I had him run to walgreens to pick up some more pads for me since I was still leaking fluid. I also had to have him pick me up the Hibiclens.

Back story: I was originally not going to test for GBS because I was sure I would pass, however something kept telling me to just get tested so I would have a negative result. Well, my test came back positive. My midwife gave me some natural remedies to do to see if I could test again to get a negative result. My results came back very moderate. My original plan was just to continue to do what I was doing until my water broke prior to labor beginning. I knew when you have a pre-rupture that GBS infection can pass to the baby. So I opted into to the Hibiclens. It’s basically a strong soap that kills the bacteria in your vagina, including GBS infection. I needed to do it every 6 hours for it to be effective.


Christian comes home with hibiclens and head back to work to see patients since nothing was happening. I called some friends to take my boys for the day so I could really focus on trying to get my baby to come. My oldest does not have school Fridays so I only had to drop my middle son off to school. I took my other 2 boys to my neighbor’s house to be watched, and she picked up my son from school when it was over. It was so nice for my friends from Church to step in to help me out so I could really be in tune with what my body was going to do.

After a rupture of the membranes, the law here in Idaho is that he baby has to be born within 72 hours. By this time my Midwife, Brittany arrives and she helps me do the Hibiclens. She also brought me some herbs to help me try to get labor started (black and blue cohosh & cotton bark). I basically could only do 4 doses to get things going, and then I would have to stop and wait until the next day. We listen to the baby, and every thing looked good. Since I was seeing a LM, they have a different approach when it comes to “checking.” She does not check for effacement or dilation, and since my water broke she definitely was not checking, so I really never really knew how far along I was. I just had to go off of contractions and really listen to my body.

I also started using all my essential oils that help get contractions going (Clary sage, whisper). I did these all day every 3 hours or so. I took the herbs and went a brisk 2 mile walk with my dog, well he really walked me…LOL! I felt some tiny contractions kicking in! I thought to myself, YAY! However, when I got home and rested everything came to a halt and small contractions stopped. I started doing some house work that needed to be done, folded some laundry, vacuumed, ect.



After that, I was super tired so I decided to take a little nap. Still, I was not showing any signs of labor. Christian got home around lunch time and brought me some Chipotle and some Kombucha, YUM! We had lunch together, and just sat and talked. It actually was nice since we had no kids with us. Yes, I was still leaking fluid, and by this time it was time to do the hibiclens again so Christian helped me. It is basically like a douche that you squirt up your vagina, not super pleasant, especially 9 months pregnant. After that we took a little nap together.

By this time I started to feel some very small contractions again. However they would come and go, nothing was consistent and they were not super painful or very long. I knew in my mind this was a good sign though, that my body was getting ready, and that we would indeed have a baby with in 72 hours. I started to keep track of them this time to see how long they were and if they got more consistent. I told my hubby that we should go on another walk together to see if we can jump-start things again, so we started to head out and remembered that we really needed to get the oil changed, so we went and did just that.

In the car I started feeling some stronger contractions, however they just felt more like menstrual cramps. They were only lasting for about 30 seconds and were about 15 or so minuets apart. I called my midwife again and she said she would come over again to see how I was doing. It was about 5:30, so we did not get to go on our walk. We needed to head home so we did not miss her.

When she arrived she checked my blood pressure and listen to the baby. Everything sounded and looked great! I had told her that on my pad I was seeing a lot of “bloody show.” She said, “yes all good signs your body is getting ready!” I showed her how I timed the contractions and what my body was doing. She said, “this is still early and false labor pains, so I really want you to get some rest tonight and we will see how things are in the morning.” I agreed since I was already tired.

Christian had schedule a pregnancy massage for me earlier that day. One of our massage therapist at our Chiropractic office said she could come over and give me a quick massage and do acupressure points or if my body was not ready, that it would just relax my body so I could get a good nights rest. Christian adjusted me before she came over to make sure my body was in alignment, and things were moving properly.  When she came over my contractions were a little stronger, but still not lasting very long and were still about 15 or so minuets apart. I knew I needed them longer and more closer together.

By this time our boys came home from the neighbors. They didn’t do a sleepover since nothing was happening. They already ate dinner so we let them watch a short movie, and Christian put them to bed right away since they were super exhausted from playing with friends all day. I had texted my family what was going on and told them that we would have new baby within the next couple days, really thinking my body was not going into labor this night.

I continued with my massage and now things started kicking into gear. I had to move and sway during the contractions, and they were lasting longer about 1 minuet. My breathing became deeper and more shallow as every contraction came. They were slightly painful now. They still were about 8-10 minuets apart when my massage therapist left. This was probably around 9:00pm at night.

I tried to lay down and get some sleep, but every time a contraction would come I would need to get up. My husbands said, “I think I am going to start filling up the pool.” So he started getting things prepped. Around 10:00 pm all of a sudden my body went into active hard labor, and it was all in my back. My contractions were 2 minuets apart and 1 minuet long. They were coming on so strong, so I texted my midwife to let her know and told her to come on over. My midwife and her assistant Tracy arrived, and she put some oils in the diffuser to calm the room (calming and grounding blend). They were getting things prepped for my birth. My poor husband was trying to get things ready, but at the same time I wanted him to stay right next to me. I was telling him, “fill up the pool, no wait, stay and breath with me!” He was a such an awesome birth companion. He was really grateful when the midwife got there so she could take over the rest of the birth prep.


At this point things kind of became a blur. My contraction were so aggressive and ALL IN MY BACK. The worst back labor ever! I had never had back labor, so I really had to use my breathing to get me through how discomforting they were. I had my hubby pressing fiercely on my back and used a hot rice pack as I breathed through every contractions. I almost forgot to tell my photographer and videographer I was in labor since everything was happening so fast, so they did not get there until around 10:30 ish.

I noticed that the tub was not full and they stopped filling it up. I guess it takes 2 rounds of your water heater to fill up the pool and get it the right temp, and we were running out of time. My midwife told me calmly, “The pool is not going to work out because your baby is coming so fast, and it not warm enough for your baby to be born.” I remember feeling so panicked and asked, “Where am I going to have my baby then?” My midwife looked at me, smiled and said, “Anywhere you want, right here!” She had brought a birthing stool which came in so handy for my labor.


My breathing patterns were staying really low, using J, E and O sounds sending them down to the uterus: in through the nose and out through the mouth making the sound. This usually helps so much to conquer the surge, but I was really struggling and would sometimes cry at the end because of how intense it was. I kept saying my affirmations:

“Good strong contractions bring my baby to me.”
“Inhale peace, exhale tension”
“I focus on what I want rather than what I fear”
“I trust my body.”
“My daughter is coming to me.”

I started to feel so much pressure “down there” as I was swaying and deep breathing through contractions. My midwife asks me if I wanted to try the birth stool because as much pressure as I was feeling and back labor that was happening, it might feel much better.

I got on the birthing stool, and WOW! Yes, I loved that thing. I am so glad she brought it. After I was on it, I told them, “I need to go to the bathroom.” She said, “no that is your, baby reach town and touch her head.” Oh my she was really coming! This is when it probably got the most difficult. I was tired, sweating and the sensation was pretty crazy! I got to that point, the point where you say to yourself, “I don’t think I can do this!” It’s almost a breaking point. My husband was such a wonderful support, he kept encouraging me and saying, “you’re doing it, she’s coming!” She was coming so fast, I was not even fully dilated. My midwife exclaimed to me that I still had a lip of dilation and I could just wait and not push, or she could just move it out the way while I pushed. I opted for option B.

All I wanted to do was push at this point. I lost control of breathing for a couple of contractions since the contractions were furious at this stage in my labor. My midwife said, “your baby needs oxygen, I need to you take back control of your breath.” Christian re-directed me so that my breathing came back into my control. I remembering it being such a team effort, not just for my husband and I, but for our daughter. All 3 of us were working together to bring her earth-side. It was exhausting but exhilarating at the same time.


I remember in my mind at this point I said a prayer. I asked God to help me. I also told my daughter that she needed to wait on me, because I needed a break. I whispered to my Father in Heaven that I truly did need his assistance, because I was at the point of complete surrender to this reality. I remember everything went really calm and still, and in that moment I got the break I needed. I felt like it lasted about 10 minuets, where I was able to innately and intimately connect to my daughter and Father in Heaven for a brief moment. In reality it only lasted about 2 minuets, but it gave me the courage to trust my body and instincts with what I was about to do. I knew possessed the strength and bravery I needed to bring our child into the world.

I really don’t like the word pain when it comes to talking about natural childbirth. What if we referred to the sensations of labor with a word other than “PAIN”? The word PAIN is so small and limited. When I stub my toe, I feel pain. When I am hurt by someone or something, I feel pain. I wish I had a better word to describe what it actually FELT like to birth naturally at home. There was definitely sensation. A LOT of sensation! I could feel it all. But it was good. It was needed! I knew good strong contractions brought my baby closer to me. I even enjoyed it at times. It was so primal. I remember saying at the beginning of a surge, “This one is going to be really big…” and it WAS, but following every wave of labor was a wave of pleasure and relaxation and love. I felt so empowered. I felt so warm and soft and open and flushed with excitement. I guess you could say the pain of childbirth felt really…”good”. I wish I could invent a new word for it. The closest word I can think of is POWER, but mixed with surrender, sensuality, vulnerability and strength. We belittle women and the birth experience when we refer to it with the same word we use for when we are broken or hurt. We are more unbroken and at our highest form of deity in motherhood when we give birth. The pain of labor is transcendent.”

Through that power, I knew I had to give one more big push, and we did. Then, we heard it! We heard the most phenomenal sound, her beautiful cry. We swooped her up and as I held her on my lap, I began to sob because of the astounding JOY that I felt. Christian and I exchanged smiling glances and kisses of complete gratitude. She was finally here, we did it! She made her debut at 11:18pm; she was healthy and PERFECT in every single way.

Happy Birthday!
Everley Elizabeth Price (Evy – short “e” sound)


We marveled over her pure wholeness, her tiny flawless body was an immaculate with perfect color. She glowed. Her little hands touched my face, and all I could do was smile. My heart swelled and rejoiced in that blissful moment.

“We must fully understand that childbirth is a fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement! The birth of a child is a the ultimate perfections of human LOVE.”

There is so much to be said about the personal empowerment that comes from bringing a child into this world, totally dependent up God and your body’s innate power. It’s fascinating.


True Empowerment.

Before I carry on with the story, I need to give a shout out to my wonderful midwife, Brittney Hiller! She is a licensed Midwife, and I learned very quickly there is a difference between a nurse midwife like I have had in the past and a LM. She seriously is so incredible, and I loved her holistic approach in her midwifery practice. I remember I introduced her to my boys one time as “this is the women that is going to deliver our baby sister.” She correct me and said, “no, you’re going to deliver your baby, I am just there to support you.” I loved that about her. She always let me decide what was best with my prenatal care, birth and after birth care. She amazing at fostering a good relationship so you both are on the same page. So blessed to have her as my midwife.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.30.18 PM
Back to the my birth story: I was then assisted to my bed where we waiting for the cord to stop pulsating so we could cut it. This is also where I delivered my placenta. I planned to encapsulate my placenta, so we used a big bowl to store it. Her cord was a little short, so I could not quite pull her up to my chest. She was born so HUNGRY! She started sucking on the side of my stomach..LOL! I finally got to put her skin to skin, on my breast, and I joyfully watched as she latched on right away and nursed for the first time. I was overcome with so much emotion. I finally was a mother to a daughter! I also was kind of tooting my own horn. I just birth a baby DRUG FREE with no meds or otc’s right in my very own home. Pretty spectacular!


She was then weighed. She was 7 lbs. 4 oz. The midwife assistant did her newborn screen. I am not sure she liked it that much, but she held her daddy’s finger the whole time. We had ourselves one HEALTHY baby girl!


It was now time for her 1st adjustment. Everley got stuck a little bit since I was not fully dilated and her arm was not in the correct place when coming out. She has slight bruise on her shoulder, and the Midwife made sure to tell us that she really needed to be adjusted because of the way she came out. It’s such a privilege to have her Daddy be the one to the turn the POWER on! Babies go through so much stress when they are born so it was essential to make sure her nervous system was fully functioning.



Another side note: While Christian was adjusting Evy, I was trying to use the bathroom. It’s very important that you pee after birth. I was having a hard time doing it and we could not find the peppermint oil. Putting peppermint in the toilet can help you feel the urge to go. So we decided that I would take a little shower to clean up a bit, and to see if it would get me to go in the shower. Yes, I was up and walking and felt pretty great.  I had eaten a little something after birth (my protein balls), but not much during labor, it was so fast that I did not have time to eat. While I was in the shower I was feeling pretty weak and started seeing stars. In my mind I yelled out for help, but I guess I really didn’t. That’s all I remember. I fainted in the shower and it felt like I was gone for a while, when really it was only a couple of seconds. My hubby and midwife came to the rescue. I was a little delusional and shaking. Christian hurried and made me a protein smoothie, they got me some warm blankets and assisted me to the bed. I felt a million times better after downing my smoothie.

It was now around 2am, and all of us were pretty exhausted. Want to know one of the best things about home birth? My hubby and I got to snuggle our brand new baby girl together in our own bed, and get a good nights rest with no interruptions or disturbances. We could just be together, us three and sleep on a job well done. IMG_8397

The next morning it was time for mommy and me sitz bath! This was recovery time for Everley and I. A sitz bath is a combination of herbs, salts, and essential oils that all aid in healing the babies belly button and vaginal tissue that is swollen or inflamed. It can help sooth minor irritation or pain. It is so relaxing!, and  Everley actually really loved it.
After that it was time for newborn essential oil regimen.
Frankincense: 1 drop on the crown of the head to open up the blood brain barrier and promote neural pathway functions.
Myrrh: 1 drop around the umbilical cord to help the healing process until it falls off.


Mommy got her dressed in some warm p.j.’s and a bow (so fun), and now she was all scrumptious, ready to eat!
Now for the most special part, the boys getting to meet their baby sister. They were all geared up with their big brother shirts and all. When I was pregnant with Everley we didn’t know it was a girl for a long time, however the boys kept telling me that they knew it was a girl this time. When we finally found out and I told the boys they looked at me like, “duh mom!” They were right! When we asked them how they knew they told us, “Jesus told us a long time ago.” We have such sweet boys and they were beyond excited to meet Everley, and finally have a SISTER! Their faces were priceless and I just melted.


Family of 6!


I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience and the safe arrival of our beautiful princess, Evy! We are seriously so very blessed! I loved everything about my remarkable home birth, and so thankful to my Father in Heaven for this opportunity.

Here is my fully Video of my birth done by my friend, Dar.


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