Home Best Rest ~35 weeks~

Sorry its taken me so long to update, I just feel like I should be spending more time with my family then on the computer but here goes…

March 7th
I had an ultrasound this day to check my fluid levels before they agreed to send me home. I guess the doctors and midwives met today and decided that it would be ok if I went home even though all of them were not in agreement. If the baby had above 6 cm of fluid I would to return home on bed rest! I was just hoping baby did not have a full bladder like the last time. I still had been leaking some but my last level was at 11 so I felt pretty confident even though I was so nervous. I just kept telling myself,  “I should still have plenty in there!” Our baby NST (non stress test) always looked fabulous and was wiggling this day. I was just  praying it was above 6! I needed my own bed, food, and just to be out of the hospital! When I went to my ultrasound I had someone who was in training so I was there for quite sometime. I told her to please try and get every pocket of fluid she could because I really needed above a 6. She told me not to worry since he looked like he had plenty. I left the ultrasound with a 8.9 fluid level and was so very happy! All the nurses were so happy for me giving me high fives on my return…it was seriously a happy day! All my praying, fingering crossing, and hoping paid off…..this mama was going home! I called Chris to tell him the news and he was so excited. The boys were even more excited and when we took our wheel chair ride down they did not want to leave my side. Trey kept asking, “your coming home Mommy right?” I assured him I was. They both were not happy that they had to be loaded first in the car while Mommy was still waiting in the wheel chair. They were both yelling at me, “hurry get in the car Mommy, get in your seat!” When they finally loaded everything and I got in the car they were both beyond happy and so was I. 

My boys and I leaving the hospital…

Upon returning home I figured out quickly that home bed rest was much harder then in the hospital. The state that my house was in, all I wanted to do was clean, organize and clean some more. It was so good to be home besides the fact that my house was a disaster and un organized… and there is nothing I can do about. My hubby was funny because he said, “it was actually worse a couple days ago!” Oye!! I had to brace myself from not getting thing more presentable. Bless my hubby’s heart for trying but still!! Also being home made me realize that Christian had to take care of me too now and I just felt really helpless. He has been trying to study so much for boards but I am not sure he has got much in with everything that has been taking place and I kinda felt like I was more a burden to him. He assured me it was easier on him me being home then in the hospital. Our kids usually get stuck in front of the TV a lot but sometimes we have times for fun simple games and toys. It’s kinda hard to do things with your kids on bed rest. There is only so much that can be done with his schedule having my but glued to the couch or bed. This whole thing has been so overwhelming but I was still happy to be home. I just feel blessed beyond measure to even be able to have come this far:)Bed Resting Mama! Bed rest brings out the beauty in me let me tell you….LOL!

The couch is a new resting scene where usually my boys join me:)

March 8th

This day was a pretty typical day. I snuggled with my boys and got served by my husband. Chris opted out not to go to school until Mama C. got here so he could take care of things. He still had to go to his board review so we had helpers come in from the ward to help me. It is seriously so hard and sit and do NOTHING!! I do however get a good view of my boys playing and I even sat and played their favorite fish game today. It is also very hard to accept some much help from people though. I already feel like we are asking to much of people and you just never want anyone to feel like their being taking advantage of. We honestly so humbly blessed. Coming home made me also realize that I am not even prepared one bit for a newborn to come home. Nothing is unpacked or ready for our new baby. Usually by this time Moms are so excited bring their baby home and I am just scared and unprepared. Boards is kind of consuming Christian and lets face it, nesting for a baby is a women’s job! We are still trying to work our car situation out too so we can actually bring him home from the hospital legally…LOL! Again, perfect timing for this little sonshine to pull a stunt like this! I honestly have to keep telling myself that all my baby needs right now is for me to stay put and cook him as long as possible. Also, that he does not care about fancy decor, where he sleeps, what clothes he has, cute stuffed animals or blankets, ect. All he needs is a family to love and care him. All the “material and worldly” things don’t matter. This baby has become so special to us with all that has happened and I just know that all will work out in the end for the best.Playing games:)

The boys love their fishy game!

March 9th
This was an oxymoron day. The night before was a memberable scary adventure.. Porter was yelling for help in the wee hours of the night so I rushed in there and he was covered in blood! Eeek! I freaked out and woke Chris up. It turned out just to be a really bad bloody nose, thank goodness. I was so thankful since we had seen enough of the ER lately..lol! Both of us did not get much sleep at all and were super tired the next day. I had a Chiropractic appointment which my body was very happy to receive. I also was able to get a pregnancy massage by my Doula Shari. These things were both cleared by my doc and oooo baby was I one happy Mama after having them done. My body felt 1000 times better! I had my first NST done since leaving the hospital and once again our son pasted with flying colors. Today was also a great day because this was the day that Mama Cutler flew in. We were so thankful her arrival and it has been a relief of stress of us. The boys were very excited to have their Grammy here.  

Making Cookies w/ Grammy

Nightly story time is always fun with Grams!

March 10th

I came down with a slight cold. I so desperately was hoping I would not get the cold that Christian had but thus having my immune system lowered because of antibiotics and stress I therefore got sick. I just wanted it to GO AWAY! You know what happens every time you cough when your prego especially with ruptured membrane?? Ya, a little surprise fluid with every cough…ahhh! All I kept thinking was I need to keep him in until after National Boards. I’m guzzling water like crazy, bed resting like a mad women, and just trying to stay sane. It has been so great to have Mama C. here to help especially with all this “sickies” going around. I began to get a little worried about my fluid levels because of the stupid cough. I bypassed any slight sickness/allergy all winter and now this?..I know it was probably stress related! All I could think too is, I can’t be sick or bring a baby home to a sick house. All day I doused my self with oils, homoeopathics, greens, water, ect. WOW, what a whirlwind this has been. Sometimes I am just thinking it’s a nightmare and Ill wake up…Nope. Reality sure keeps you humble doesn’t it? Even though my boys love having their Grammy here they have hardly been themselves…fights, moaning, whining, and they just seem so grumpy all the time. Everything has been different and I just feel really bad. I told Mama C. that this is not like them but they are just trying to adjust the best they can. I am nervous to bring a new baby home with all this stress in our lives especially for our boys. We can’t seem to catch a break can we? Positivity goes along way so that is what  I am trying to focus on. My boys are the ones that usually keep me going. 

Treyson just being his happy self and laughing through all the craziness!

Porter just sleeping off all the change and stress…

March 11th

The rest of the family opted not to attend Church since all the sickness going around. I began to feel a little better but not 100%.  It feels weird not to have gone to Church for so long. The Gospel is such apart of me and I sure miss attending my meetings. Mama C. has definitely got some routine back in our lives which has been nice especially for our boys. This has been such a struggle for Christian and I so to have her help has just been a life saver. She finally made our house presentable and took the burden off of Christian to pull all the load for our family. I know this was a big sacrifice on her part to come out on the spot and help serve us. We are so indeed humbled and grateful! I am not sure what I would do with out her. Thank you so much Mama C! We are so blessed to have her in our lives and during this trying time. She has shown us so much support and love. We could not say thank you enough. It is so mind boggling that our little boys is coming so soon and We are just trying to prepare myself physically and emotionally as possible. Mama C. has most certainly made us feel like there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Lazy Sundays…aka Daddy = Jungle Gym!

March 12th
I had another doctors appointment which was very interesting! I had another NST which looked great and my fluid was checked and it went down to 7cm. This was to be expected since I am still leaking some. It is kinda fun yet frustrating to have doctors and midwives argue over your case with pProm! Can I remind you that it was in fact a DOCTOR/ OBGYN who suggested home bed rest not a midwife!! If it would have come from a midwife they would have shot it down as if there opinion would matter less. Let’s just say not all the doc’s are in agreement. Some at the at the group are not very happy about me still having this baby inside of me….others have been supportive. One doctor refused to see me and said, “I don’t even want to hear her case, she should have been induced at 34 weeks regardless!” This made me angry because I all I want to do is what is best for my baby and if being induced at 34 weeks would have been it, I would have. However that was not the case. They all kept saying at the hospital, “you are just going to wake up in labor and probably wont make it to 34 weeks.” Most women go into labor on their own within a weeks or so with ruptured membranes. Not me! It just kind of makes you feel un easy and stressed at as Mom and I know some of them still want me at the hospital. I told them that I would have stayed if it was best for me and the baby but obviously most of them felt they gave it a fair shot and my body still wants to be pregnant, thus they felt safe sending me home. I have not shown any signs of labor at all, no infection, and our little guy always passes with flying colors on his NST. I see no reason to take this baby out of my belly. The doctors keep telling me, “your baby is safer and will do better outside of the womb with pProm at 34 weeks.” I have done plenty of long research on this subject and I found nothing that supports that at all. As long as the fluid level is high I am at no risk for anything. I know they worry about viral infection but I have been cleared of that and baby or I would show signs of it if it was present. I have to take my temp every 6 hours and watch for blood or green mucus in my fluid. The midwives told me, “you a very educated Mother which we don’t see often.” I am not saying I am smarter then any of the doctors and midwives but I do know my stuff and all I ask is for them to have an open mind and to look at each case differently. Once I hit 36 weeks they told me I would no longer have to see the doctors which is my hope. If I can just make it 1 1/2 more weeks I will be happy since that is when all the craziness is over! 

March 13th
Time goes by much faster now that I am at home. At least I can sit and do things with my children. I have even been sitting outside since it has been so nice while they play. Jax returned to our family which the boys were happy to have him back. I am not sure how he felt though. He was excited to see us but he was missing his other girly doggy friend…LOL! I am feeling 100% better and I have somewhat packed a diaper bag so I can be ready and organized. Trust me there is still so much more that needs to be done before our son comes into the world but every little bit counts. Christian is vigorously studying for boards so we have not seen him much. We want to keep him focused so he has not help much with anything. He has been going to school and spending most of the night up at the library studying. He has been so stressed but I am pretty sure all his hard work will pay off. Oh yes and I almost forgot, I had a friend do some maternity pictures for me which I was so happy to finally get them done. We just went close by my house on the river front to do them. I did a lot of sitting instead of standing. It was not your typical do much maternity photo shoot but it worked. I can not wait to see them. WOW, everyday it gets closer that we will meet out baby boy and it just seems so surreal. Everyday counts;)

Chris studying hard for boards!

March 14th (today)

I had another appointment today and everything was still the same and looked awesome! Ive made it and beaten the odds. We always knew our little guy was a fighter despite of what all the doctors have said…we are still going strong!! It really is such a blessing. I honestly owe making it this far to my Father in Heaven. He has truly answered my heart felt prayers. I am getting nervous about labor and delivery but my positive affirmations have helped me to feel confident and secure. If my fluid levels continue to drop we are looking at an induction on the 23rd but if everything is still looking good then we are shooting for the 30th of March.  It seems weird to say March when I was totally expecting an April baby. He will be our little miracle “lucky charm!” We will try natural induction first with my Doula and if that does not work then we will try a cervical cream to help things get started…then we will go to things like Pitocin, ect. It feels like it just coming so soon and though we can not wait to meet our sonshine we are just holding out as long as possible to ensure his health. This has been so very hard but I would be un grateful if I did not say that it has all worked out in our favor due to our faithfulness and trust in the Lord. I love my Savior, husband, and my 3 boys so much. Home bed rest and being 35 weeks could not be sweeter:)

When I update next we will either have a new little baby BOY or we will still be cooking strong:)

Stay tuned….

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  1. I loved your post…you guys certainly have been through the ringer, though!! I hope you guys are feeling okay and that things get easier. I am hoping your delivery goes very smoothly and that you and baby are fully okay! The stress and anxiety will pass, I know. I am so grateful that the Lord has watched over you guys and your sweet baby…take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can!!!

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