Kreed {4 months} & A Grateful Heart

I know I am so behind but our little Kreeder-kins turned 4 months–ok he’s like almost 4 1/2 months now, that’s how behind I am…LOL!
We honestly love this little guy. He is the best baby by far. Anything makes him smile and that smile of his will just have you smitten over him. He is so scrumptious, all 12 lbs of him…LOL! He is finally fitting into 3-6 month clothes. He is growing and hitting all his milestones like a champ. He love to stand and is one strong brute. He’s a great sleeper although with Mommies busy schedule sometimes naps are a struggle. We do get some long snoozes during the day which makes for a much happier Kreed. We have had our moments with melt downs and crankiness but for the majority of the time he is just the happiest baby. He does the cutest snorts when he wants some milk and still is a very good eater. No more nursing shield for this boy. He is an absolute HAM and we love him our little SONshine to pieces.
Happy (late) 4 months goober!
 Typical Kreed Face
Sweet little boy
I have been wanting to journal about this for quite sometime but just have not got around to doing it with our vacation and all. I write this with a grateful and heart tonight. Ever since we were completely done with the hospital scene with Kreed, I wanted to go back and thank them somehow, to show my gratitude for everything that was done for me and my son. It kept weighing on my mind of how could I possible repay the debt I felt of their generosity towards me? I know that stress comes in our lives regardless of our circumstances. We deal with them the best we can. I did not want to let this all get in the way with what was most important and what is most important almost always involves the people that touch our lives in a way that they leave an imprint on our soul. I did not want them to just assume I was thankful for all they did for Kreed and I.—I wanted to let them know! I know I would not regret showing my kindness back and showing my grateful heart. It was not much but I just made both the L&D nurses some rice crispy treats along with the NICU. I went to visit them and took baby Kreed with me. I made them thank you cards with doing a photo opt with Kreed holding a Thank you sign and printed my favorite one for them.
They were so excited to see us. Being at the hospital so much I got to know the L&D nurses so well. All of them were the sweetest ladies. They seriously are like hospital angles. I feel like they are there for the emotional part or everything as where the doctor comes in and just does protocol and diagnosis. They all cheered me on the the whole ordeal with Kreed and were there for support, just to talk to, and gave me a pretty good laugh every now and again. I loved them all, still do. I told them that I knew it was not much but I just had to make them treats and come back and thank them in person. They told me that they don’t get this very often which made me even more grateful that I came to show my gratitude. We hugged, laughed, and cried. My heart was so full.
 We went and visited the NICU next and this is where my heart strings were pulled tight. These ladies that care for these little premature babies are Heros. They care for each baby like its their own. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say for the work that these NICU nurses do day in and day out for these precious little babies. They were so good to us there–answering our questions, making sure we knew what was going on, giving us hope and encouragement–especially on the really tough days,  ect, ect. I know we were only in there a week but I sure learned what patients and long suffering really meant. Again we hugged, laughed, and cried. They told me we were a “miracle” they would not forget and I would never forget them either.  It still seems like I could of done more, said more, gave more yet I left the hospital that night with such burning glee of gratefulness in my heart.
The second Sunday I took Kreed to Church I was able to bare my testimony of all these grateful feelings and bare witness to everyone that, “when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are int he service of your God.” I want you to know that with everything that happened with Kreed I have truly seen where the Savior talks about “baring one another burdens.” My Relief Society Sisters will always have a special place in my heart for the complete charity they showed towards my family during our trying time. The service that was rendered towards our family was incredible and left me feeling so humbled. Relief Society is where help can always be found, they provide service above and beyond that which they would normally have given. The compassion and caring that was shown to our family was amazing. The outpouring of love was an inspiration to everyone involved. Our ward grew closer together–what happens to one happens to all.  Its so hard to be the one getting the service and needing help. Through the maters hand  my testimony to grew in serving our fellow men and how it not only touches your life but theirs too. We endured this together and blessing emerged. I grew a greater understanding that adversity can bring your closer to God, with a renewed enlightened appreciation for prayer and the Atonement. I hope one day I can pay it forward and give what was unselfishly given to us. My heart could not be more grateful for all these wonderful ladies that blessed our lives with their helping hands. Thank you, Thank you. 
“A grateful heart is one who’s lived
through trials along the way…
then found the strength to look ahead

and face a brand new day.

A grateful heart is one who knows

that sorrow does not last…

and morning brings a ray of hope

to chase away the past.

A grateful heart will always be

much stronger than the rest…

for they have weathered every storm

and conquered every test.”
-Jill Lemming 
To everyone that prayed, thought of, helped in anyways with Kreed we say “Thank You!” You are the reason we hold a beautiful healthy baby boy in our arms every day. He is here because of all of you and what you did for us.  
If anything, I want Kreed to remember this. How special he really is and how everyone cared so much about him. He is such a miracle to our family.
I leave you with this  poem I found..
A Gift from God
At first glance, you were so small
I hardly even saw a baby at all.
With tubes and wires a frightening sight
but you were in for a big fight. 
Not even six lbs, your body so small
with problems so big
you fought hard and continued to grow. 
So many tears. 
So many fears.
You are home now and growing up so big
I love you dear, more then words ca say. 
A Miracle baby
A Gift from God
You showed the World
You showed us all… 
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