Kreed’s Birth Story

WARNING: Some of the things you read might be too explicit for you. Also my opinions are very strong when it comes to his birth story so if any of you are offended easily then I would advise you not to read it:)
Ok lets get started….
On the 22nd when I wrote this post I actually started feeling somewhat crampy around noon and it would come and go about every 20 minuets. I remember when Beth my midwife check me at my appointment around 10am that she said she “stirred” things up in there to maybe get things started. Little did I know that it may have done something. I then just went about my day getting things ready since the plan was to go in the next morning for induction. One of my friends had the boys for the day so I did not have to worry about them. I did not get much done when my Doula (Shari) came over around 2. Shari and I have known each other since High School. She was a couple grades younger then me and her brothers and my brothers were great friends. It just so happens that both our husbands are in Chiropractic school and in the same tri. We have become very good friends so I was grateful to have her as my Doula. I told her about the cramping that was coming and going and she told me that this was good, that my body was doing something.
We immediately began acupressure on the certain points on my body to keep these contractions going. Really these were contractions? I had never felt them before since all my past labor have been induced. The most I have ever felt are braxton hicks. These were nothing compared to pit contractions…I could totally do these, they just felt like mild period cramps. We then started with clergy sage oil on the ankles and tummy which seem to be working. Oh yes I also forgot to mention that I put primrose oil up me and also took it eternally to keep my cervix nice and soft. I sipped on raspberry leaf tea all day to help with dilation and uterine contractions as well. About and hour or so into this we decided to start the black and blue cohosh which really induces labor naturally. It is so pretty nasty stuff which required me to have some sort of a chaser with it. We started out with like 1tbsp at first to see if it would do anything. It sort of did so for the next 2 hours I took 1/4 of a cup to really get things going. It was working so the next hour I only had another 2 tbsp and then the following hour 1tbsp. I used my magnetic flex on my lower abdomen to help with the tightening. We also taped magnets to certain points on my body. All of these things seem to be working and my body kept responding very well which was surprising because we honestly thought for only being 36 weeks that my body would do nothing. With my other 2 boys I just begged for something to start happening and it never did so this came as quite a shock! Nevertheless we just kept going with it.

My contractions starting coming about every 5-6 minuets but they were only like 30-40 seconds long. I was getting flustered because this went on for a while I knew I needed them longer and more close together. Shari told me it was fine and that at least my body was doing something. We were not sure if my body was going to stay with way so we just went about the evening. I tried to take a nap but I really couldn’t so I just layed down and rested for a bit. I kept feeling a lot of pressure in my back so it was nice to lay down. Chris finally came home with the boys and Shari husband (Brandon) came over and we just started to prepare for dinner. Christian was the chef since I really did not want to be cooking during contractions. He made my favorite…fish, sweet potatoes, and veggies. They wanted me to eat really well since I would not know when I would be eating again. I still kept feeling lots of pressure in my back so Shari also did some pain pressure point on me that made me feel relief. We realized I was timing the contractions wrong because I was doing it at the peak of pain not when they actually were coming on, so really I was right where I should be. WOW, this was really happening I thought? I kept asking Shari over and over, “promise I will get a break with contractions!” She assured me I would always get a break. As my contractions kept coming my biggest fear is that I would not have a break and they would be back to back like they were with pit. I could totally do this even if it was only like a 1-2 minuet break in between. I finally was realizing what natural labor felt like I was happy to finally be doing it!

During dinner I kept having to get up and move through out the contractions, I did not like sitting still during one at all! I then started to get a little feisty and I wanted to lay down again. Shari was busy getting her son and Brandon out the door for the night and Christian started vigorously packing for the hospital. By this time it was around 9pm at night or so. My contractions then started getting about 2-4 minuets apart and lasting about a minuet long. I then was having to really breath and moan through them a little bit. They were not too intense but still uncomfortable. Christian kept wanting to go the hospital right away and I kept declining because I did not want to go too early. Shari finally convinced me that we should go because I kept saying how I wanted to get into the birthing tub. We called a babysitter to come over with the boys so we could go. It seriously was all happening so fast. We hurried or at least tried, I was now feeling the contractions pretty strong. On our way to hospital I ask Christian, “did you grab the camera?” He said, “no I did not”… so I had him turn around to go back and get it. We could not have a baby without our camera! Even though my contractions were coming on pretty hard I still wanted our camera..LOL! Luckily we were not too far from home. After that I could tell Christian was trying to rush as fast as he could and he was speeding. We saw a cop and he said, “darn I am going to get pulled over!” I yelled at him and said, “do not do this to me now!” I was in labor do you blame me? Fortunately the cop did not pull us over, what a blessing!

I got to the hospital about 10:30 at night and the first thing I told them is “get me in the birthing tub now!” They then told me that they were going to have to monitor me for about 20 min. I then got somewhat dressed for labor. I did not want to wear the gown this time so I just wore a top. If it was up to me I probably would have been nude but I was trying to be a little bit modest. I told the nurse I wanted her to check me to see how far I had progressed. She check me and said, “you are a good 4cm dilated.” WHAT!!! Only 4cm you have to be kidding me, I thought to myself! I then felt very discouraged but I was just going with it and just wanted to get into the birthing tub. We went down to the birthing room where the tub was and I was just glad to finally be all the way admitted. My midwife Pam who I love  and I was so glad she was on call that night showed up. She said, “do I want to know how you got here?” She really did not think I could go into labor on my own and was looking forward to seeing me for the induction in the morning..LOL! Since I tested positive to GBS they had to give me an iv and the antibiotic. Can I tell you how frustrating it is to be getting an iv during strong contractions?? Not fun! I was getting so ticked because they could not find a vein. Like I said sitting still during contractions was not my thing and what do you have to do while getting an iv?…be still! Ah, it was so very annoying. They had like 3-4 nurses trying but I guess my veins were stubborn. They finally go it in about 40 minuets later and I was able to get into the birthing tub.

I loved it in there. The warm water felt very good while I was contracting. I put in my hypno birthing affirmations cd to help me relax. I love that cd and the things it says…:”every surge brings the baby closer…my baby and my body know how to give birth…every part of my body is relaxed!” It really did give me a sense of relaxation. I was able to do different positions while in the big tub. All fours seemed to be my favorite and took most the pressure away. My contractions were pretty intense I would say by now but they were still doable. I was breathing through them with J and O breaths which means as you breath you say that letter. Keeping my breath low helped me a lot to stay in focus and in control. I would sway and move my hips in figure 8 or back and forth through each contraction and then rest in between to gear up for the next one. Cold towels were placed on my neck helped me from getting overheated and I wore my husbands magnetic necklace to decrease tension in my shoulders. Shari was amazing and she just knew the right things to say at the right time. Christian was a great support and Shari would tell him things to do and he was always right there! Let me tell you getting a massage while you are in labor is Heaven, so I would recommend to anyone to have a massage doula! My midwife was awesome too, she was right there with me and in tune with what was going on and what I wanted. I still kept feeling a lot of back labor and it was really uncomfortable so Christian checked my pelvis and did some soft tissue. What relief! I labored in the water for about 2 hours. I was in it to win it but I was getting rather exhausted. I kept saying, “I just want my baby here, when is he coming?” Also when the contractions were really strong I would tell myself, ” come on you can do this, you are doing this!” The only thing that I did not like is they kept having to monitor the baby so I would have to get up out of the water. They told me it was because of his prematurity but it was still annoying since it requited me to stand up out of the water. Other then that I loved birthing in the water.

After that 2 hours it was about 12:30 my midwife suggested that I get out of the tub so she could check me. She noticed that my temp had gone way up and that the babies heart rate had increased greatly too. She said, “if we do not do something to get your temp down doctors are going to want to intervene because this could mean the baby has an infection!” She told me it was just likely that I was in the tub with the hot water but that she wanted me to take some tylenol to see if we could get my temp and the babies heart rate to come down. I was kind of delirious at this point and I knew I did not want the doctors to come in and say that they wanted to do a c-section when I felt like I was so close. When Pam checked me she said I was only 6 cm dilated. WHAT?? Really? I could have sworn I was more then that. Shari told me sometimes when they check you your cervix closes a little since their is something foreign up there and that she knew I was more then 6 cm! I still was disappointed and here is when I said the magic words, “I don’t think I can do this anymore!” Contractions were at there strongest and I believe I lost focus a little. I was yelling, “I need help, please help me, I am not sure I can do this for 4 more centimeters!” After she checked me she said, lets break the bag of water that is in front of the baby and see if it gets things moving along. By this time my temp and babies heart rate was looking better so this was good. Funny how they had to break my water during labor when it technically broke 5 weeks prior. I most likely just had a small leak because I remember every time I contracted fluid would come out. When she broke my water I only felt a little trickle so I know most of my fluid was gone.

After that bag of water was ruptured I kept shouting, “I have to poop!” She said this was great and to get on the bed in a squatting position. I did just that. Everyone was encouraging me saying, “you doing so good, you are almost there, he is coming really soon!” These words made me feel better. 5 minuets later I was 10 cm dilated! Wahoo, I made it! 2 minuets later I felt the “burning ring of fire” and he was crowning. All I remember hearing is, “there is his head!” My midwife then told me to give one big push and one minuet later he was born!

Christian and I were so overcome with emotion and even my doula and midwife were emotional. All I could say is, “he is here, healthy and perfect!!” Christian told me, “you did it babe and you did it well!” My midwife told me I was a rock star and my doula said it was an amazing experience. It really was a magical moment for both Christian and I. I honestly felt closer and connected to Christian like I have never felt before. It’s like he was doing the labor right along with me and that he felt everything I felt. There is nothing like holding your newborn and looking into your spouse eyes and knowing that you created this perfect human being! It was very spiritual and tender as we just sat and looked at our little miracle boy. That’s all we could say, “he was really a complete miracle!” When I first held him I felt complete. Gazing at me with his big  bright eyes, as I touched his soft skin, I couldn’t put him down. He was absolutely gorgeous! After all we been through our SONshine was finally here! We were one proud Mom and Dad for sure!
I really did it, it was all me with no drugs! I should say “we” did it and now I know the meaning of what labor really means. I could not of done it with out my team of support, my midwife, husband and especially my doula. I have decided this is why they call it labor because it is hard hard work. I can say this because I have had 2 other births done completely different with many interventions. It is not even comparable to my last to births. At 2-3cm dilated on pit I did not feel those strong of contractions until I was in transition with going all natural. That’s how big a difference it was. Honestly by the time you want the drugs or anything to help you its too late and your baby is almost here. If I can do it anyone can:) I knew that if I had to have the pit and get induced I would have gotten the epidural for sure. The congractions are just too strong and you don’t get breaks to re focus or relax. If I ever have to have pit again (which I hope I never do) I will most likley always get the drugs. Your body was not meant to do it that way that is for sure! Now I know what they mean by doing natural labor by giving the power back to women. All of us are capable of doing this. I learned that his is what are bodies are meant to do. I felt powerful and invigorated! This was exactly how I pictured my labor going, fast and furious and it was amazing! I am not saying that epidurals, pit, or c-sections are bad because they are needed sometimes but I wish every women could experience the power and greatness that comes with giving birth naturally. The only thing I regret is no taking more pictures even when I threw that huge fit of not having the camera when we first were driving to the hospital…haha! Everything was just so busy that we really did not have time to pose for pictures if you know what I mean. Also natural labor is no glamor show so excuse the way I look in the photos.
My Doula, Shari and I

I did things really different then the norm after he was born. Usually they whisk them off to be weighed, measured, clamp their belly button, ect. About 10 minuets after he was born I delivered my placenta and kept it attached to him for the first 30 minuets. I held him skin to skin and nursed him right away. I also did not have him bathed for the first 2 days to keep the white cheesy stuff on him since its a protectant. They did not weigh and measure him for about an hour after. This is how I wanted it. I wanted to bond with my baby right when he was born and really all that stuff could wait. I also kept my placenta and had my doula encapsulate it into pills. When I did the research on it I found it very legit. I know some people think its weird and gross but I don’t. A lot of vitamins are made the way they encapsulate the placenta especially the Chinese medicine way. It just like putting your hormones back into your body with extra nutrients and minerals your body needs. It can increase your milk, help with ppd, help you uterus shrink down, ect. I honestly saw no reason why not to do it. Many people put crap chemicals and food into their bodies and the placenta pills had nothing but good stuff in them so this is why I chose to do it. It would just be like taking another vitamin that my body needs after birth. Some people do it raw in a shake. I chose not to just because I didn’t think I could bring myself to do it. My doula did talk me into one shake after birth. I told her as long as I did not see it made or taste it I would. I could only taste the berries in the shake and actually when she brought it to me I was so dang hungry that I forgot it was in their until later. I can honestly say that its awesome, I wish I would have done it with my other children. The benefits of it have been tenfold. I could not thank my Doula enough for doing it!

So in a nutshell here are by natural birth stats
10:29pm: Admitted 4cm
12:25am: 5-6 cm–ruptured bag of water
12:40am: 7cm
12:46am: 10cm
12:48am: Crowning
12:49am: Birth

Really my birth from when I got to the hospital was about 3 hours total! I almost spent that much time pushing with my other two. I did not tear which was so nice and I figured this would be the case since he was almost 3 1/2 lbs smaller then Porter. My after birth cramps were the worse I have ever felt and my abs seriously hurt for 2 days. This was nothing compared to how I felt with my other boys. It was much better this time minus the after birth cramps. My healing seemed to go 10 times faster and I just felt better. My uterus shrunk down only after 6 days postpartum. It was amazing the difference. With the others the healing took forever and I was in a lot of pain, bled alot, ect. I was so happy that I was able to do a natural birth because with my case with pProm this is usually not what happens. I could not thank my Doula enough. I would say if you are shooting for a natural birth that you must have a doula. I could not have done it with out her. She made my birth plan pull through just the way I wanted it. Thank you Shari!

Today is Kreed actual due date and I can’t believe he is already here. As I held him today I am reminded of Gods love and just how wonderful he really is. I wonder if I would still be sitting here pregnant if I had not have ruptured early? This little man already has a mind of his own that’s for sure. He has already changed so much in the past 3 1/2 weeks. He is chunking right out and filling out his preemie clothes. I am so grateful the way things turned out with carrying him as long as I did and giving birth to him. I thank my father in Heaven every day for our miracle. It makes me feel bad that I ever cried when they told me he was a girl and I found out he was another boy. I would not trade him for anything, he is perfect. We love you Kreed. Happy “due date” birthday buddy!

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  1. I’m so glad that things went the way you wanted. Laboring in the tub sounds nice. They won’t ever let me do that, since my blood pressure makes me “high risk.” Blah. Kreed is so cute, and looks so much like your other boys to me. Hope you’re getting some sleep here and there. :)

  2. I’m so excited for you! That’s awesome. I totally wish I could have done it completely without, even though my epidural didn’t work and I felt everything, I still cheated and got one haha :) But that’s so amazing for you! And Kreed is such a sweetie! I’m glad everything is going well for you guys!

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