Let me count the ways {loving your hubby even more}

We had a Church ward Valentines Dance that was so much fun.

Here is Sister Watane and I. She is brand new in our ward and I just love her! IMG_2055
It was so nice to get away with my Hercules for the night.
We are pretty good on the dance floor and were able to teach our famous swing dancing to the ward. We definitely dance the night away!

We had a blast!
Often we are told, “you guys have the perfect marriage!” When we are told that we both exchange smiling giggly glances, because we know our marriage is far from perfect. It’s  perfect in the sense we are both always giving 100% to our relationship. However, sometimes that 100% is portrayed in different ways. I’ve been pondering on the way I can love my husband more and the things I do to show it. We both took this test this week and he got quality time and I got gifts and acts of service. So you see your love languages are very different, however I know there are ways that we can exemplify our love for our husbands more.

Here are 15 ways you can Love your hubby even more! 


1. Communicate with him. Talk softly and don’t force your agenda on him. Sometimes it hard for when to express how they feel, so give him sometime to ponder and think. Be specific with what you want. Do you want him to fix it, or do you just want someone to just listen?

2. Let go of all the small stuff. We all have annoying habits and preference that are different from our spouses. Learn to embrace those differences. The more you do this, I know for me, the more I appreciate our differences.

3. Laugh together or at each other. Sense of humor never hurt anyone. Or making a situation that could turn into a fight turn into something silly. I loose my phone on a daily basis, so my hubby has to page it for me constantly – he never gets angry but just laughs at me in a kind way, then I laugh at myself. LOL! Also, my hubby puts the empty raw milk carton back in the fridge, I usually text him and say, “thanks for leaving me some milk!” He knows, and says, “your welcome!” We laugh. It’s good for the soul of your relationship!

4. Show interest in his hobbies. If your not interested give him some free time to participate in what makes him happy. Sometimes this can be hard, but letting your hubby express his individuality will in return strengthen your marriage – because if he is happier, then you will be too!

5. Pray for him and with him. Not only in secret but when you say your prayers together. This can help him hear how much you value him and speaks volumes on how much you really do love him. It’s a way of serving him and keeping Heavenly Father in your marriage.

6. Take time to evaluate and grow together. Be honest, I know for us, we both know when “it’s not going so well,” but usually men are afraid to engage the conversation. Be the one who initiates it. Talk about things you can work in growing a stronger marriage. Use this time to tell each other how much you appreciate one another and also the things that can be even better. I promise this will enrich your relationship with your husband.

7. Cook for him, especially his favorite meals. You know that saying, “a way to a mans heart is through his tummy?” It’s true for mine, I know. Especially when I do my meal prepping, and make sure he has good wholesome lunches to take to work, or if I surprise him with his favorite dinner. He always let’s me know how grateful he is for it. When your man is well fed, then he usually is always a happy camper.

8. Compliment and flirt with him. Hold his hand, give him the “love eye,” blow him kisses – just make him blush! Tell him he is handsome and sexy. I call mine a “sexy beast” or a “Hot tamale!” It’s so easy for guys to spout off these compliments, so make sure you are giving them right back.

9. Just let him love you. Don’t push him away when he is trying to show you he loves you. Don’t say, “ok what do you want?” Those words or the cold shoulder will soon train him to stay away. Don’t fall into this trap, let him love you HIS way, whether it’s through a cheesy compliment, hug, a text message, ect.

10. Try to involve him during the day at work. I know mine always appreciates pictures of the kids, text messages, or just a simple text that says, “I love and appreciate all your do!” We also face-time on his lunch breaks sometimes. He’s away at work ALL DAY, and trust me when I say he knows this. Don’t you think he misses you and the kids, and that he would much rather be with you guys? Absolutely. Involving him during your day will help will help him know you care.

11. Acknowledge/Praise him for working hard and his Fatherhood. Everyday your hubby leaves to provide for you and for your children. His job maybe stressful, overbearing or require more from him then he wants just so he can provide for the family he loves so much. Yes, it’s hard on you, but don’t forget its hard on him too. Tell him your proud of him for all he sacrifices he makes to contribute to your family. Tell him what a great Dad he is, and how much the kids love him. He needs to hear it.

12. Use his Priesthood and attend the Temple. When times seem overwhelming, ask for a blessing. One of his priesthood duties is to nurture your marriage. He can use God’s power to bless your marriage, to bless you and the Children when times are tough. His priesthood help him honor, care and protect your family. Help him utilize it to his best ability. Make it appoint to attend the Temple together whichever your schedule sees fit. We like to go every other month for now because of how hectic our schedules are. Going to the Temple together gives you further light and knowledge as Children of God, reminds you of your covenants and strengthens your relationship with the Lord and your husband.

14. Be Inanimate. YES, everyone is so shy to talk about this but its so important. It creates unity emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and sexually. If intimacy is neglected, you will find your marriage growing apart. Intimacy is not an end goal in marriage but a journey you take together. Want to spice it up?, go ahead. Healthy intimacy requires work on both sides including, frequency, both satisfied, an open dialogue about sex and sexual activities both partners enjoy. Your man needs it. He also needs and wants to know what pleases you, so don’t be shy. This creates a bond and trust that your husband and you need. It’s more then just sex to your husband. It’s about connection, quality time and enjoyment. Give yourself to him!

15. Date him. I wrote a post a while back on dating your husband. Yes, your hubby still wants to date you. He still wants to see that girl he fell in love with. Get dressed up and plan a night. We take turns on your date nights – who is planning, what, where and when. Be creative, romantic, spontaneous and fun. This also allows a break away from the kids which is always needed. You get to just focus on each other. Kids can sometimes put a damper on things so planning just one on one time to connect with each other before you go back to “reality” is very vital to a healthy marriage. It gives you both a breather from the grind of life. Make it a priority.

“Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

Ladies, love your husbands even more!

Happy Valentines day!

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