Meet Whole Journey Mama
Oh, hi there!
Welcome! A little about myself…

I am a Chiropractic Wife, a Gospel lover (LDS), Natural Mama to 4 beautiful kids (for now), Group Fitness instructor, wellness & fitness enthusiast, whole food organic foodie, outdoor lover, essential oils educator, and I embrace life to the fullest.

My children keep me very active and busy. They are so full of life and happiness. My Hercules husband, Dr. Christian Price is our daddy doctor! We love our Chiropractic Dad. We have been happily married for 10 years, and we make the perfect team.

Kerri Price-02035

I choose to live a high vibrational life by using plant-based solutions and eating more plant based. I love being a healer in my own home. I find so much happiness in teaching others to do the same. I love connecting with others, to serve them. My purpose of this website is much greater then myself, it is build a happy healthy world one family at time.

Connect with me! It will be my pleasure to help you in your journey. Grab some kombucha, or herbal tea… HAPPY READING!

“Where health is the destination, and wellness is the JOURNEY”


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