Our Kreed is 2!

Im really late blogging out our baby turning 2! He not so much a baby anymore.

Enjoying his favorite “green smoothie.” the saddest part is when its all gone! LOL!
1924833_10153945485955201_695469057_nKreed turned 2 on the 23rd of March.

Wow 2 years went by so fast!

I can’t help but remember the hard times we went through with this little guy.

It was right before finals and Christian was gearing up for boards too! Our lives came crashing down when we found out my water had broken so early!

I thought about all the bed rest, his birth, NICU, and when we finally got to bring him home!

It was one of the most hardest times in our lives, but also a time where we grew closer to the Lord.

We celebrated pretty simple. Frozen yogurt and his favorite movie {Despicable Me 2}.
Then just a little happy bday song and a cupcake. He showed a series of emotions during our celebration. “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” was his theme song…LOL!
1229833_10153981718515201_2132573037_nKreed at TWO:
*He loves balls and throwing and chasing them.
*He loves to stack everything and anything!
*He does not talk much (only a couple words) but he understands so much.
*He is loves to eat, eat, eat- and will eat anything!
*He only weighs 21 lbs…haha!
*He loves to be outside.
*He enjoys looking at books and pointing at all the pictures.
*He hates having his diaper changed!
*He is obsessed with his “kiki” (blanket) and binky.
*He is a mama’s boy, but when daddy is around – he only wants him!

He really is just a delight!
IMG_2401We cherish this little guy so much. He is our little fighter. Against doctors orders and all odds we were able to have this healthy boy come into our family, despite when everything did not go as planned. He taught us more about Gods goodness. He is our gift, everyday I got to carry him longer was a testament that Gods miracles do exist. We prayed for Kreed since day one, and he brought us together as a family – Kreed is Gods Glory. No medical imperfections, no earthly limitations of being premature could stop the plan that God had for him. Kreed, thanks for fighting so that our family could love you and the rest of the world could truly know that you are a rarity. When his tiny 5lb hand gripped my finger, I knew he was a miracle. Happy Birthday Kreed Cutler Price!
We love you!

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