To vaccinate or NOT!

I have been doing months and months of research on vaccines. I have actually wondered about vaccines for a long time….with Trey I had lots of questions about the vaccines, why they have to get so many?, what is the dosage?, does getting the vac guarantee their protection?, what chemicals are in them? Are they safe? I did love Trey’s pediatrician but when it came to me asking these questions I pretty much got shut down and from then on I kinda always felt like I was a bad Mom if I did not get them. He bullied me into still getting them, even when he was sick, even when he had a bad reaction. He was horrible. Treyson has had mostly all his vaccines, I think (not sure since they keep adding so many)! This subject on vaccines still stayed in the back of my mind and with Porter I told myself I would do more research about it. Being here in Iowa there is a lot of controversy about vacs and at Palmer they learn a lot about what the vaccines are, what they do, and how they affect the body in a good or bad way. I was able to go to vaccines debates and listen to both sides, it was really fascinating! I learned so much.

Before I start I would just like to clarify that in no way shape or form am I saying that vaccinations are bad or not a good thing…I will repeat, I AM NOT SAYING VACCINATIONS ARE BAD!!! They did so much good to the world, increased population, helped diseases, saved lives, ect. However, things have changed. Our grandparents were given 4-6 vaccines and never all before the age of 2. We were given about 8-12 and now they get about 36 with 49 doses! THAT IS JUST INSANITY! I have stack and stacks of reseach that I have been filing through, reading both sides, and just trying to make an educated decision about this.  I have spent many long sleepless night over the toil whether to vaccinate my children or not to! It has been one of the hardest decisions I have had to make as a parent.

I have always felt that they just did so many, and so many at one time. I have always thought to myself why does a tiny baby with no immune system have to be injected with so many vaccines? It just did not seem right to me! Even before they are two hours old they receive their first vaccine (Heb B) which is an STD. Treyson got it and I did not even know about it, so with Port I ask why my son had to be vaccinated for an STD when he is not even a day old? (How dare I question it *eyeroll*). The nurse told me it was just a “routine thing” they did but that I did not have to get it if I did not want to, which I did not! Why does my newborn baby have to be vaccinated for an STD? This made me more peculiar about the whole vaccine thing….”just another routine thing?” Hhhmmm, does not seem logical to me…you? It made me think, are they hiding something? This is when I first started my deep deep research is finding out about the vaccines that they give right after birth and come to find out way back when they just had a surplus of the Heb B vac so they just decided to start giving it to babies. This made me even more suspicious of vaccinating babies so I decided to dig deep and I found some shocking, interesting, yet disturbing things about vaccines.
Years ago they were a wonderful thing but back then they were not massed produced so they did not have to put all the junk in them. Vaccines do contain, mercury (not all), aluminum, formaldehyde, and thermsiol (a form of mercury) and that is just few of the long list of things that’s in them. All flu shots contain thermisol and the ones that are 3 in one also do. They put this stuff in there because it makes the vaccine more effective but it is extremely harmful for a body let alone a little babies body!!! Why is it right for us to but that kind of stuff into our bodies? A little poison wont hurt right? You may ask why does the doctor not tell us this, and the fact is most doctors do not know really so we can not blame it on them. My finger points to the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, and the FDA!!! It just does not seem fair that that stuff is injected into our babies…does it or is it just me?
Another thing that concerned me is a 2 month old baby gets the same amount of 1 shot as a 2 year old and pre-mature babies are considered to be on the same schedule as a full term baby! There was never this “immunized by 2” tactic when they first started. I do feel my baby needs 49 doses before he can even say a full sentence!  When I found this out I asked the nurse here about it -she told me that they just have a standard size on what every baby gets and schedule (immunized by 2 and a couple boosters later). When I ask why, I was just told that is just the way it was and really had no answers for me. At that point I was DONE, and told them if they could not give me specific answers then they were not sticking my child!!! Also I was told that when your child is vaccinated it does not guarantee their protection. They could still get the illness/disease when given the vaccine but they just say its lessens their chances greatly. Chris was vaccinated for the mumps/measles 3 times and he still got them. I thought how could this be? Some times even the vaccine can cause you to have the diseases/illness instead of preventing it. So we are just injecting all of this “stuff” in our children not knowing whether or not they will get the “preventable” disease? Where is the guaranteed immunity? Some say it will just lessen your chances. Well I think I take my chances considering what I know. It does not seem like a win win situation to me…if they get the vac they still may get it and if they don’t they may get is as well, ahhh!! I have met so many people out here that have NEVER EVER received even 1 immunization/vaccine in their life and they as healthy as a horse, and they also have traveled to many foreign countries and never contracted a disease. I have learned that when you have a great immune system and take care of your body then most of the time when invaded with a pathogen your body can fight it off and you see no symptoms. This is mind boggling but it all started to make sense. I continued my research in medical journals, the online databases at school, ect. I continued to go to the live debates and I always found myself agreeing with the non vaxer.
I have also learned that your body is meant to get sick. It is a natural process that your body needs to do. It makes our bodies stronger; our immune systems stronger and even our heart stronger. They give so many at one time because hey, found that its easier to manufacture them this way. We are vaccinating for everything now some that are not even life threatening illnesses and the schedule is going to continue to grow. They said they are going to make a vaccines for diarrhea? Really? Yes, granted no one wants to be sick but Ill sign up for the Chicken Pox if it means my child does not have yucky preservatives and chemicals running through their blood steam that can later cause more harmful damage and chronic disease.
A child receives 36 and 49 doses of shots sometimes more if they get the flu and other boosters but WOW, that is A LOT for one body to take in before they are even 2 years old!! The thymus gland that controls the immune system is not mature until after the age of 2. Thymus control T1 and T2 immunity and T memory cells. They can’t “save” a vaccine antibody until its mature. Thats one of the reason they give soooooo many shots. Think about it logically, its just too much for a little babies body. I honestly feel this is why we have so many things on the rise, allergies, auto immune dysfunction, ect in kids. We are bombarding their fragile system too much and too fast! In other countries they waited until they were 2 years old to immunize and there was nothing wrong with that. One study said that the SIDS rate went down when they age upped then when they brought it back down to newborn it went up again. I am not saying vaccines causes SIDS but it was an interesting study.

It seems kind of fake that we are immunized by 2 and then set for life? Vaccines wear off in about 5-10 years so isnt half the population walking about unvaccinated? You reading this, your probably unvaccinated too if you have not gotten all your 49 boosters…LOL! Remember the baby boomers only receive about 4-6 shots and most have not gotten their boosters (not to mention the ones added on after). So herd immunity? Ya I would say its pretty much a scare tacit and false propaganda. Its a big push by big pharma! We have tripled the vaccines schedule in the last decade. So having said all of this, I don’t trust our government especially with my families health care. If you look deep on who controls the vaccines companies, its pretty scary stuff. I do not feel the government has our best interest at hand when it comes to health.

I have also learned a lot about the nervous system and brain and how the vaccine has a direct effect on them. I wont go into details because I will probably butcher it but our babies brains are not even fully developed until age 3 and their immune system until the age of 6  so why would we mess with that in such an early age let alone all the other stuff their bodies are learning how to do, why would we want to mess with that? Getting a vaccine lowers your immune system so much and sometimes it can make you very very ill. When Treyson had his vaccines and he was my sickest child by far because he had a lot of problems with his respiratory system. Vaccines can have a direct effect on that system so it makes me wonder if that is why he never got better until he started using Nikken and some other herbal remedies, and stopped vaccinating him. Of course all those ideas were shut down by the doc, but hey, we knew our baby was significantly better and you can not placebo a baby! The vaccines might not have done anything to him but it still makes me wonder you know. Porter has not received his vaccines and I have noticed such a difference with him.
There is all this talk on how vaccines could be related to autism, ADD, ADHD, and other behavioral activities. There is NO studies on it but the CDC refuses to study it! Even though there is nothing to back me up I say why not? Why can they not be related? Its proven that the vaccines effect certain systems in your body (some more than others) so why not? Its just like how diabetes is related to obesity. We choose our own poison whether is from food, products, medication if we choose, ect. This is one poison I feel at this time I am not willing to take. Lets face it, both sides and sources are biased. So I think you just have to study it see which side you fall on. Make an education decision based on what you know. I dont believe in blindly following either side. Most moms I talk to can not even tell me the difference between vaccines, how many they get, what they are for, how they are made, what is in them ect. I CAN! So this makes me the dumb one for choosing at his time to refuse vaccines? No. I assure you that my decision making is not blind and I have carefully looked at both sides.
On the flip side I would feel horrible if my child got a disease and I could have prevented it some how. Everyone knows how passionate I am about preventative health (Nikken and Chiropractic) and this is why it makes my decision so hard. I would be furious though if my child was affected by the vac in a bad way not to mention the concerns I have listed above! Think about it…if it was YOUR CHILD that had something dramatic happen to them because of a vaccine would you think twice about them? Yes, that is my child, and I need to protect him. His body did not do well with vaccines. Now this is happening more often so is the vaccines to blame? I think there is a correlation given the research I have done so like I said, which poison do you choose?
I am not trying to start an anti-vaccine rally here, just merely to be cautious KNOW what your getting into when it comes to vaccinating your children, plus this helps me to vent and get my feelings out there. I am not anti-vaccine, I would never tell someone not to vaccinate. Its your choice. We are still deciding at this point ourselves. Reduced load, not at all, or when they are older? It’s a lot to think about! We live in a free country where we can make our own medical decisions. I have not totally ruled them out because I know with boys they have to get some of them before they go on a mission anyways. Go ahead hate on me all you want. You may think I am crazy. I am not offended easily and I hope my writings did not offend anyone as well. I could ramble on for hours about this issue because I just keep finding more and more information that strays me farther away. I know this issue is quite sensitive. Do the research and tell me how you feel, really. If you still choose to vaccinate then that is totally up to you. I don’t judge anyone if they choose different them me, so please done judge me. This is what we feel is best for our family. It came with lots of prayer and seeking the truth for myself. So there you have it. I wont bore you anymore.
Here is some fact sheets. Here.
Here is a good book from a Doctors point of view as well.
I invite you to go directly to the CDC website. This is where I started my journey in reading about each one, what is in them, how they work, ect. Click here.
Happy immunizing/vaccinating or should I say happy not immunizing/vaccinating–it’s your CHOICE!
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4 Responses to To vaccinate or NOT!

  1. wow, Kerri–when i was reading this post, it felt like i was reading my own words!!! i have also been doing TONS of reading (i’m a little obsessed) and i can’t believe we haven’t talked about this before!thanks for posting!

  2. Isn’t it sad that we can’t know all of this before our kids come along? I asked many of the same questions you did. We’ll have to chat sometime about it. We had a bad experience with vaccinating Jackson that caused me to look into it further.

  3. Very interesting, and quite frightening points you make Ker! To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate. Apparently it has become a big, and serious decision. I had the scare with the swine flu. I for one opted to NOT get it. And I never got sick, not even the regular flu. But to hear, and see some of the side effects on the news, it was scary. Now that I am pregnant, it is even scarier, because it is not myself I am taking care of, it is my own child. Everything is SO new to me, and I have a lot to learn. This really gives me some good insight, but still doesn’t answer all the questions that I have as well as you lol. Keep us updated!

  4. i don’t know if it’s just my internet, or computer, but the links for the articles and the book didn’t open up. it is so empowering to be in charge of your children’s health and to not blindly trust someone else! great post!

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