Welcome Home Kreed!

This is no April Fools….We brought our sweet little Kreed home on Thursday!

His last feeding at the NICU, fast alseep on a full belly!
Thursday was a busy getting him ready to go home. We had to do a car seat check where he has to take a nap in his car seat to make sure his heart rate stays good. He seemed to not mind his car seat and he passed. We also had to get ready for discharge by filling out a whole bunch of papers, getting his last dose of antibiotics, ect, ect. They told us that his progress was amazing and they were not worried about anything. We were so thrilled to have him come home!
When it was finally time to take him home he just looked so tiny in his car seat. We had to adjust it just right to have him be safe enough.
Kreed’s older brothers were so excited to take him home finally. They had to “help” with everything we were doing with Kreed, it was really cute!
Since we have been home of course it’s always crazy with a newborn…feeding, changing, holding, ect. Christian is sure soaking up the time with time with him since he barely got to see him through his hospital stay.
We are pretty tired, especially me. Kreed has been pretty good so far but some nights have been long.
Were not complaining though since we are just so happy to have him home.
The boys are adjusting well to him, they love giving him kisses. Its so sweet.
Treyson especially is a good protective big brother. He tells me when Kreed is crying, sit by me when I feed him, always ask to hold him, and even helps with diaper changes. This is such a change from when I brought Porter home. He is older and I think he understand more on what being a big brother means.
Grandma Beth (Christians Mom) came the day after we brought him home. It has been nice to have her here to help out with our boys. She sure loves her grand baby boys!
Kreed is such a little charmer. Most of the time he is covered in breast milk..LOL! He loves to eat! I love it when he is wide eyed and looks around, hes got his Daddy’s eyes for sure!
It does not take him long to fall asleep. He sleeps a lot. Sleep is just as important as eating with a pre term baby and he is sure good at it.
We are so blessed to have this little man cub in our home. All the long nights in the NICU,  repeated drives, feedings, bedrest, ect, ect. It was all worth it! Christian and I just looked at each other the other day and said, “Can you believe we are parents to 3 little boys?” We are and it feels so right. Every time I look at Kreed I am reminded of how much my Father in Heaven loves us. How blessed I was to carry him as long as I did and just to have him here and healthy. He is truthfully our MIRACLE SON!
Welcome home baby Kreed!!!!
We love you more then we can express:)
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