Wholistic Ways

2What does it mean to be “wholistic” or holistic? Basically it looking at your health, your body, your mind and your spirit as a whole, instead of separate. To me, it means taking a different approach to health instead of the failing allopathic mainstream way. Ever since I have aligned my family with a holistic paradigm, it has changed for the better. Does this mean I fully despise modern ways? No! We have them for a reason. However, I will always try a more holistic approach first.

Another aspect of the of being holistic is giving your body what it needs to heal itself, and one of those things is de-stressing your body. If you don’t take time to de-stress, you can NOT heal your body. Less emotional, physical and chemical stressors will always do our bodies better, right? For example, making a homemade salve for your very dry skin, instead of using a toxic filled cream that has no regulation. Other maybe trying a less invasive way to care for your illness, detoxing your life of chemicals, ect. Maybe, even learning some more preparedness skills like canning, gardening, ect. Those are just some “wholistic” way our family has embraced.


Living holistically is about trying to maintain a healthy existence in our toxic mainstream world. Yes, you have to do what works for you. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming because we have come so far from natural living. Some people even think it a fad, when that is false. We have been doing holistic things for centuries, and it just coming more into our fold because the other path is not working.

You may want to try incorporate things is this section. Start with the ones that seem easy to you. Remember this lifestyle is process; I am always continually learning and adopting holistic things into our family. If you keep at it, soon it will become second nature, and you will start to spot ways of your own to live more holistically.



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