There are SO many reasons why I chose the essential oil company I did, because I have probably tried every single essential oil out there, since we have always somewhat been into alternative methods for a while. From the research I have done, we are setting the standard for quality and safety in the growing essential oil market. I have never seen anything like it. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them while seeking them out. We used another company for years, however we made we switch to the one we use now, and we could not be more pleased.

Because there are no regulatory standards for essential oils, we go to great lengths to ensure only the highest quality! Yes, we are setting a new standard for the essential oil industry. Many products may say “essential oil” or even “100% pure”, but are not up to the high standard we should be seeking. Our code makes sure they are the HIGHEST quality this means it is beyond organic, verified pure, FREE from fillers and adulterations, pesticides, and foreign contaminants.

Many oils bought at grocery or health food stores are inexpensive and convenient. BUT if you look closely at the label, they have a clear warning that usually says “DO NOT INGEST” or “NOT SAFE FOR INTERNAL USE.” If an oil isn’t safe to be putting in your body, it’s not safe to put it on my skin either. Almost all of our oils are completely safe to take internally and are therefore that much more effective at combating threats. Wahoo!




“our essential oils are guaranteed to be pure, natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates. They are subjected to rigorous Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography testing to ensure extract composition and activity. Pure essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial essential oils available today. Each batch is guaranteed to exceed customer satisfaction for quality and efficacy.”

The  Difference!

The  essential oils we trust are DOTERRA! They gathered from different countries around the world? They harvest and distill the essential oils from where they grow indigenously: Meaning wherever our God originally placed the plant on the Earth in the first place, is where we yield those crops from. These plants are grown and harvested in their natural habitat and each liter of oil undergoes multiple 3rd party laboratory testing. This is something very unique ONLY to the company we trust! It actually matters where the plants are grown from because the chemistry of the oil is actually different depending on where in the world they are produced, thus affecting the potency and therapeutic quality of the oils! We grow these plants indigenously in order for us to get the best product available on the planet! Sourcing these oils in their native habitat will help ensure a long-term supply of the best essential oils while helping to strengthen economies in developing countries and improving the livelihoods of our growers around the world.
So, by using these essential oils you are impacting many more lives than your own.



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